Limited Partnership filings are processed on a daily basis. Domestic LP's will receive a copy of the filing by return mail in a week to ten days. The copy will show your filing number. Foreign LP's will receive a certificate.

Limited Partnership Filings Filing Fee
Certificate of Limited Partnership $100.00
Application for Certificate of Authority for Foreign Limited Partnership $100.00
Amendment to Certificate or Registration of Limited Partnership $30.00
Amended and Restated Certificate of Limited Partnership $30.00
Certificate of Termination of Limited Partnership $30.00
Application for Cancellation of Foreign Limited Partnership $20.00
Statement of Dissociation $30.00
Expedited Service is available for some types of filings. Page 2 of the form will list it if it is available. $20.00
Reinstatement Form (Only Idaho entities may reinstate.) $30.00
Filing an Annual Report No Fee
Fee for a non-typed document $20.00
Copies (per page) $0.25
Certification of copies $10.00
Certificate of Goodstanding or Existence $10.00
Statement of Change of Business Mailing Address No Fee
Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent, or both No Fee