2014 Scanned Campaign Finance Reports - Undeclared

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2014 Semi-Annual 2014 Annual
Alexander, John A (DEM) N/A
Allen, James ("Jim") W (DEM) N/A
Anderson, Eric (REP) N/A scanned
Banks, Aaron Alexander (IND) N/A scanned
Barron, Charles Lee (REP) N/A
Berch, Steve (DEM) N/A
Best, Dawn D (DEM) N/A scanned
Bickle, Jody (DEM) N/A termination
Bilyeu, Diane (DEM) N/A termination
Block, Sharon L (REP) N/A
Bolicek, Brad R (REP) N/A scanned
Bolz, Darrell (REP) N/A scanned
Book, Aaron (REP) N/A
Bowen, Dave (REP) N/A termination
Branch, Ric (REP) N/A
Brown, Victoria (DEM) N/A
Brudie, Jeff M N/A
Burdick, Roger scanned
Cantamessa, Jon (IND) N/A scanned
Chiarella, Pam (DEM) N/A
Coiner, Charles H (REP) N/A scanned
Davis-Nible, Sherri (REP) N/A scanned
DeLange, Jeri J (REP) N/A scanned
Denney, Lawerence E (REP) N/A
Dorsey, Matt (REP) N/A
Duff, Michael (REP) N/A scanned
Durst, Branden J (DEM) N/A
Eismann, Dan scanned scanned
Ellsworth, Julie (REP) N/A
Evans, Joseph (DEM) N/A
Finkelnburg, Dave (DEM) N/A
Foxx, Steven L (IND) N/A scanned
Fulcher, Russell M (REP) N/A
Gertonson, Pete (DEM) N/A termination
Gibler, Fred M N/A
Hammond, Jim (REP) N/A scanned
Hart, Phil (REP) N/A
Hawkins, Stan (REP) N/A scanned
Henderson, Frank N (REP) N/A PrePrimary
Hooker, Kirsten (DEM) N/A termination
Howard, Kert (REP) N/A
Johnson, Keith (REP) scanned
Jorgenson, Michael (REP) N/A
Kleinkopf, Kreed Ray (REP) N/A termination
Kreiser, Craig R (DEM) N/A
Labrador, Raul R (REP) N/A
Lister, Caitlin R (DEM) N/A
Lovell, Brenda (DEM) N/A scanned
Luna, Tom (REP) scanned
Lyon, David (REP) N/A
Maddux, Bruce (REP) N/A N/A
McGeachin, Janice (REP) N/A
McGee, John (REP) N/A scanned
McKee, Sam (DEM) N/A scanned
Meline, Carolyn (DEM) N/A
Mossman, Ralph (DEM) N/A termination
Nible, Steven (REP) N/A scanned
Nugent, Brian P (REP) N/A
Olvera, Roberto (REP) N/A
Paterson, Graham (REP) N/A scanned
Perez, Ralph D (REP) N/A scanned
Remington, John C (DEM) N/A N/A
Richardson, Betty (DEM) N/A termination
Ridinger, Tim (REP) N/A
Ringo, Shirley (DEM) N/A
Risch, Jim (REP) scanned scanned
Robinson, Melissa Sue (DEM) N/A
Romriell, Gregory (REP) N/A scanned
Ruff, Lee-Mark (REP) N/A
Satterwhite, Rusty (REP) N/A scanned
Schaefer, Robert E (REP) N/A
Schroeder, Barrett Von (REP) N/A scanned
Schroeder, Gary J (REP) N/A scanned
Schroeder, Jack W (REP) N/A
Shotswell, Cindy (DEM) N/A
Simison, Robert E (REP) N/A
Skippen, Kathy (REP) N/A
Skyving, Leif (DEM) N/A termination
Smylie, Steve (REP) scanned scanned
Smyser, Melinda (REP) N/A scanned
Snodgrass, Mark A (REP) N/A termination
Stout, Pamela M (REP) N/A
Thomas, Craig (REP) N/A
Toryanski, Mitch (REP) N/A termination
Vuittonet, Juan (Mike) (REP) N/A
Ward, Alan D (REP) N/A
Watkins, Dane (REP) N/A scanned
Whitlatch, Caryl A (LIB) N/A
Wiedenhoff, Fritz (REP) N/A
Williams, J D (DEM) N/A scanned
Williams, Laurynda A (DEM) N/A
Williams, Neil Morse (DEM) N/A
Winder, Robert (DEM) N/A termination
Wood, Jo An E (REP) N/A
Wood, Roderick Barry N/A termination
Woodings, Holli (DEM) N/A
Workman, R Scott (REP) N/A scanned
Writz, Ray J (CON) N/A
Young, Becky (REP) N/A
Ysursa, Ben (REP) scanned scanned
Zaleski, Erin (DEM) N/A

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