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* major party opposition (i.e. Republican or Democrat)

** 2002 is a first election held after reapportionment. For purposes of this compilation, incumbents are persons running for the same office which they held at the time of the election. For example, a person running for Senate who was holding the office of Representative was not counted as an incumbent.

In the election year after redistricting, officeholders are counted as incumbents if they ran for the same chamber (i.e. senator running for senate) regardless of district.

The 2002 general election saw 1 race in which incumbents faced each other.

Dist/Race Candidate Vote Candidate Vote
08 Rep B Charles Cuddy (D) 7,355 Twila Hornbeck (R) 6,688

The 2002 primary election saw 6 races in which incumbents faced each other for the party nomination, all between republicans.

Dist/Race Party Candidate Vote Candidate Vote
04 Senate (R) John Goedde 1,883 Kathy Sims 1,852
27 Senate (R) Denton Darrington 3,141 Moon Wheeler 2,131
31 Rep A (R) Larry Bradford 3,370 Tom Loertscher 3,234
31 Rep B (R) Eulalie T. Langford 2,594 Cameron Wheeler 2,559
33 Rep A (R) Jack Barraclough 2,155 Kent Higgins 1,450
35 Rep B (R) Lenore Hardy Barrett 3,755 Janet Arave Aikele 3,007

*** Incumbents defeated by challengers (in the general election):

Year Dist/Race Challenger over Incumbent
2010 None      
2008 33 Rep A Thompson (R)   Shively (D)
2006 16 Rep B Bock (D)   Kemp (R)
  17 Rep A Killen (D)   Garrett (R)
  17 Rep B Chew (D)   Miller (R)
  18 Rep A Durst (D)   Field (R)
  18 Rep B King (D)   Ellsworth (R)
  33 Rep A Shively (D)   Barraclough (R)
2004 02 Senate Broadsword (R)   Calabretta (D)
  08 Rep B Shepherd (R)   Cuddy (D)
  25 Rep B Pence (D)   Ridinger (R)
  29 Rep A Andrus (R)   Andersen (D)
2002 04 Rep B Sayler (D)   Ellis (R)
  05 Rep B Eberle (R)   Pischner (R) (incumbent lost primary, ran as W/I in general)
  06 Rep B Ringo (D)   Young (R)
  07 Rep A Mitchell (D)   Bruneel (R)
  16 Rep B Langhorst (D)   Pomeroy (R)
  17 Senate Werk (D)   Ipsen (R)
2000 01 Rep B Eskridge (R)   Stoicheff (D)
  05 Rep B Young (R)   Ringo (D)
  07 Rep B Harwood (R)   Judd (D)
1998 05 Rep B Ringo (D)   Miller (R)

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